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Appyx Navigation – Sample app

You can try out the app right here in the browser. The above example is interactive!



Check out the :demos:appyx-navigation module in the project (see on GitHub) to launch platform-specific variants.

Points of interest

You can experiment with the following in the sample app:

Gestures & transitions

  • Swipe left-right in the cake pager
  • Tap on any cake to enter or exit hero mode
  • Swipe left-right while in hero mode
  • Swipe up-down between hero and list mode for a gradual transition

Remote triggered transitions

In the app:

  • Go to Home, tap the Go to a random cake button

Trigger via deep link (basic):

  • Android: adb shell am start -a "android.intent.action.VIEW" -d "appyx://randomcake"
  • iOS: xcrun simctl openurl booted 'appyx://randomcake'

Trigger via deep link (advanced, waits for user to finish logging in):

  1. Go to Profile in the bottom menu, tap Log out
  2. Close the app
  3. Trigger the deep link
    • Android: adb shell am start -a "android.intent.action.VIEW" -d "appyx://randomcake-wait"
    • iOS: xcrun simctl openurl booted 'appyx://randomcake-wait'
  4. Tap Log in and see the deep link action resume

Scoped dependencies

The cart object lives inside the MainNode. It's the same instance passed to all child nodes in the tree, but is destroyed when logging out and logging back in. Try:

  • Add items to cart, log out from Profile, log back in
  • Add items to cart, go to checkout, manipulate cart, finish checkout flow


  • Resize window (desktop or standalone launched web) to see the Material 3 Navigation Bar automatically switches to a Navigation Rail depending on screen size.

Relevant pages from the documentation


Topics on how the sample app is put together, and how navigation works in it:


Library features used in the app:

What's behind the custom component

The cake slider / hero transition is a custom component. Check these out on how it's put together: