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Deprecation warning

This page in the documentation is about Appyx 1.x.

Appyx is now in its 2.x iteration.

To access the 2.x-related pages please check the sidebar or go to:

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Model-driven navigation

Your own navigation model

Generally speaking, most navigation solutions have fixed navigation mechanisms (e.g. a back stack).

Appyx gives you the freedom to define your own navigation model. For example, you can implement any of the examples you see here with the same approach:

No screen, only a viewport

Generally speaking, most navigation solutions model a "Screen" and focus on how to get from one screen to another.

Appyx does not have the concept of the screen in its model – there's only a viewport, and whatever fills the available space will feel like the screen to the user.

This freedom allows you to implement:

  • navigation that feels like going from "screen to screen"
  • navigation "inside the screen"
  • navigation that bridges between the two

For example, you can transform the screen itself as part of navigation:

A NavModel implements any of the above mechanisms.

See NavModels for more details.

Composable navigation

NavModels in Appyx are composable.

See Composable navigation for more details.