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Deprecation warning

This page in the documentation is about Appyx 1.x.

Appyx is now in its 2.x iteration.

To access the 2.x-related pages please check the sidebar or go to:

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Configuration change

To retain objects during configuration change you can use the RetainedInstanceStore class.

How does it work?

The RetainedInstanceStore stores the objects within a singleton. The node manages whether the content should be removed by checking whether the Activity is being recreated due to a configuration change or not.

These are the following scenarios: - If the Activity is recreated: the retained instance is returned instead of a new instance. - If the Activity is destroyed: the retained instance is removed and disposed.


Here is an example of how you can use the RetainedInstanceStore:

import com.bumble.appyx.core.builder.Builder
import com.bumble.appyx.core.modality.BuildContext
import com.bumble.appyx.core.node.Node

class RetainedInstancesBuilder : Builder<String>() {

    override fun build(buildContext: BuildContext, payload: String): Node {
        val retainedNonDisposable = buildContext.getRetainedInstance(
            factory = { NonDisposableClass(payload) },
            disposer = { feature.cleanUp() }
        val retainedFeature = buildContext.getRetainedDisposable {

        val view = RetainedInstancesViewImpl()
        val interactor = RetainedInstancesInteractor(
            feature = retainedFeature,
            nonDisposable = retainedNonDisposable,
            view = view

        return RetainedInstancesNode(
            buildContext = buildContext,
            view = view,
            plugins = listOf(interactor)