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Model-driven navigation

Your own navigation model

Generally speaking, most navigation solutions have fixed navigation mechanisms (e.g. a back stack).

Appyx gives you the freedom to define your own navigation model using any Appyx component. For example, you can implement any of the examples you see here with the same approach, then use them in your navigation tree:

No screen, only a viewport

Generally speaking, most navigation solutions model a "Screen" and focus on how to get from one screen to another.

Appyx does not have the concept of the screen baked in – there's only a viewport, and whatever fills the available space will feel like the screen to the user.

This freedom allows you to implement:

  • Navigation that feels like going from "screen to screen"
  • Navigation "inside the screen"
  • Navigation that bridges between the two

For example, you can transform the screen itself as part of navigation:


An AppyxComponent implements any of the above mechanisms.

See AppyxComponents for more details.

Composable navigation

AppyxComponents in Appyx are composable.

See Composable navigation for more details.