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Appyx Interactions – KSP setup

Defining TargetUiStates is easy, as demonstrated in UI representation

class TargetUiState(
    val position: Position.Target,
    val rotation: Rotation.Target,
    val backgroundColor: BackgroundColor.Target,

However, for every TargetUiState, there needs to exist a corresponding MutableUiState class containing the animation code.

By adding the @MutableUiStateSpecs annotation, if you follow the below setup guide, you can have the Appyx KSP mutable ui state processor generate this class for you automatically.


Works with Kotlin 1.8.10. For our migration to Kotlin 1.9 please check:

  • #547 - Upgrade Compose Multiplatform / Kotlin

Main build.gradle

plugins {
    id("") version libs.versions.ksp.get() apply false
    // Alternatively: 
    // id("") version '1.8.0-1.0.8' apply false

App build.gradle

plugins {

composeOptions {
    kotlinCompilerExtensionVersion = '1.4.3'

dependencies {
    ksp("com.bumble.appyx:appyx-processor:{latest version}")