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Deprecation warning

This page in the documentation is about Appyx 1.x.

Appyx is now in its 2.x iteration.

To access the 2.x-related pages please check the sidebar or go to:

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Nodes have their own lifecycles, directly using the related classes of androidx.lifecycle.


No node can be in a higher lifecycle state than any of its parents or the Android Activity it lives in.

On-screen & off-screen

NavModel controls which children should be rendered on the screen and which should not with NavModel.screenState. The behaviour is customisable in BaseNavModel via OnScreenStateResolver.

When a NavElement of the node is marked as on-screen, its lifecycle follows the parent node's lifecycle. The rendering status does not affect it – the node might not be added to Compose view and still be in a RESUMED state.

When a NavElement of the node is marked as off-screen, the following might happen:

  • Its lifecycle is capped with CREATED (or STOPPED) in case of ChildEntry.KeepMode.KEEP.
  • The node is destroyed and its state is saved in case of ChildEntry.KeepMode.SUSPEND.

ChildEntry.KeepMode settings can be configured for each ParentNode individually or globally via Appyx.defaultChildKeepMode.

When a node is removed completely from NavModel, it will be in DESTROYED state.

Lifecycle changes

The lifecycle state can be affected by:

  • The NavModel of the parent (adding or removing child Nodes and changing their on-screen status)
  • The parent's lifecycle state capping its children (transitive in the tree)
  • Android lifecycle (Activity) capping the whole tree

Back stack node lifecycle

An example demonstrating the above:

Note that NavModels might have their slight differences (e.g. whether their operations remove a Node only from the view, or completely destroy it).

In the case of the back stack:

  • The Push operation adds a new element and stashes the currently active one – the stashed one will be removed from the view & STOPPED
  • The Pop operation removes an element, the child Node will be DESTROYED