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Deprecation warning

This page in the documentation is about Appyx 1.x.

Appyx is now in its 2.x iteration.

To access the 2.x-related pages please check the sidebar or go to:

Documentation root

Appyx sample apps

Where to find the sample apps

  1. Go to the GitHub project
  2. Fork and check out the code locally
  3. Import the project to Android Studio

You can find the pre-built sample app apks here:

Showcase app

The :app module showcases Appyx itself with multiple levels of navigation, NavModel demos, etc. See it in action, then check the related code how it works.

Appyx + Jetpack Compose Navigation example

The :samples:navigation-compose module demonstrates how to use Appyx within Google's Jetpack Compose Navigation library. This example may be useful if you need to migrate to Appyx gradually.

Appyx + Hilt example

Coming soon!