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Model-driven navigation for Jetpack Compose

  • Navigate directly from code – In a type-safe way, without boilerplate
  • Gain control of navigation state – Making your navigation unit-testable
  • Complete control over operations and behaviour – Use and extend the back stack or the view pager from the library, or build your own
  • Use any animation for transitions – Anything you can represent with Compose Modifiers

Model-driven navigation – a different paradigm with superpowers

Using Appyx you gain navigation superpowers in addition to screen-to-screen navigation:

  • Break down screen boundaries – Using Routing sources you can navigate inside the screen as well as between them
  • Make your navigation composable – Navigate whole scopes of your application

Using a model-driven approach, navigation states are yours to define – Appyx makes it happen with any animation you can represent using Compose Modifiers. Back stacks, card stacks, view pagers are just the beginning:

You can create custom navigable components in no time:

With Appyx you can break down screen boundaries and transform the screen itself:

Launch the demo app

Check out the project and launch the :app module for a quick demonstration


See the Downloads page.


  1. Appyx is released! (1.0-alpha02)
  2. Appyx vs Jetpack Compose Navigation