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Model-driven navigation + UI components with gesture control for Compose Multiplatform.

Find us on Kotlinlang Slack: #appyx


See Downloads and Navigation quick start guide.


Appyx is a collection of libraries:


Appyx Navigation

Type-safe navigation for Compose Multiplatform directly from code.

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Appyx Interactions

Component kit for Compose Multiplatform.

  • Create custom UI components quickly, which can then be used on their own, or inside your navigation tree.
  • Animation without writing animation code.
  • Gesture control without the usual gesture detection code.

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Appyx Components

Component gallery.

Back stack, Spotlight (pager), and other UI components built using Appyx Interactions.

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Where to start?

Depending on what's your use-case with Appyx:

Appyx as a navigation solution

Check out Appyx Navigation and some of the Appyx Components you can use in your navigation tree.

Creating your own components

Stacks, custom pagers, custom UI components – whether for navigation, or standalone: check out what Appyx Interactions can do for you.

2.x migration guide

If you used Appyx 1.x before, you can find a summary of differences here.

1.x documentation

This page is about Appyx 2.x (alpha).

You can find 1.x related documentation here.