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Appyx + RxJava

Rx2 and Rx3 implementations are provided for the functionality below. Please refer to Downloads for gradle artifacts.


You can use this together with the ChildAware API to set up communication between Nodes in a decoupled way:

interface Connectable<Input, Output> : NodeLifecycleAware {
    val input: Relay<Input>
    val output: Relay<Output>


Provides a singleton store to survive configuration changes. The rx2/rx3 helpers add automatic disposal on objects implementing Disposable.

You can find more details here: Surviving configuration change


class YourNodeBuilder : Builder<YourPayload>() {

    override fun build(nodeContext: NodeContext, payload: YourPayload): Node {

        // If your type implements an rx2/rx3 Disposable,
        // you don't need to pass a disposer:
        val retainedFoo = nodeContext.getRetainedDisposable {

        return YourNode(
            nodeContext = nodeContext,
            foo = retainedFoo, 
            view = view,